Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Eva goes to Hollywood. And also Asia.

My cute niece Eva was working on a project at school that she asked me to participate in, right before we took our trip to Asia.  They were reading a story in class about a girl who wanted to go visit her grandparents, but her parents couldn't afford to send her there.  Instead, they send a picture of her in the mail, and then her grandparents took her picture all over the place and told her all about where they went.  Her class was doing something similar, so she sent me a picture of her and asked me to show her around.

She had no idea that we were about to go on an epic adventure.

I told everyone who would listen about this project - I was really excited!  Every time, they immediately perked up and said, "Oh, like Flat Stanley!"  That happened so often that we took to calling our little traveling companion Flat Eva.

In the small bit of time we had before our trip, we did take her around one or two highlights of LA, and we gave her a tour of our house (she's the first niece to visit us in California).  But for the most part, Flat Eva saw all the cool things we got to see on the other side of the world.

It's hard to explain, but having Flat Eva accompany us on our trip made me even more excited than I had been before about seeing and doing everything I was going to see and do.  It kind of gave our trip meaning and purpose for me.  So thanks, Eva.  I hope our pictures made you the coolest kid in the class.

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